Nashville Uniform

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Sweater (Rent or Buy) / Jeans (Only $40 + 35% off with promo code: GIFT4ME) / Bag / Scarf / Bracelet / Earrings / Booties

Happy Holidays!  In the midst of all the (good) chaos that the holidays bring, Erik and I managed to sneak off to Nashville for his birthday weekend.  We had a really great time relaxing and walking around the city.  I brought two sweaters and a bag from Rent the Runway and I’m embarrassed to admit that this black sweater was worn at least once a day while we were there.  I’m sure the hotel staff thought the airport lost my bag!  It really is THAT great.

On another note, if you ever find yourself in Nashville looking for a great restaurant, Erik and I LOVED Chauhan Ale and Masala House.  Such a great atmosphere and the Indian food was delicious!

Cheers!  Hilary

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